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Today the success of your international development lies in the ability of your organization to communicate and collaborate effectively in various languages. Machine translation solutions enable you to produce and understand quickly multilingual documents. Though to be efficient, they need to be accurate, which implies your specific vocabulary and industry terms are taken into account.

Introducing the SYSTRAN Industry Pack

Designed for teams and departments (up to 20 users) that need to translate at a lower cost and in a secure environment, the SYSTRAN Industry Pack offers you:

1 SYSTRAN Enterprise Server Team Edition

Benefit from a powerful machine translation software solution installed on your premises to ensure information security and confidentiality. Translate instantly and unlimitedly texts, emails, Web pages, PDFs … while at the same time preserving the original document layout.
Download Team Edition Datasheet.

2 Terminology extraction work

A SYSTRAN Expert will run the term extraction from your documents and will translate your specific terminology for you (500 terms for one language pair). The net result is a custom translation engine delivering more accurate translations.
Learn more here.

Key benefits

  • Accurate translations: domain-specific translations based on in-house content and dictionaries.
  • Segurança da informação: no data loss or breach in confidentiality.
  • Easy to use translation tools: large range of user-friendly tools including toolbar add-ons.

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