Case studies

See how SYSTRAN technology and solutions have been bringing tangible benefits to leading enterprises around the world.

Yamagata - Honda Motor Europe

2013/04/01 | SYSTRAN - April 2013, Machine Translation, a cost-effective way to speed up processes and leverage knowledge assets for Technical Support.

PSA Peugeot Citroën

2012/10/01 | SYSTRAN - October 2012, From on-demand translation via the Group’s intranet portal... to multilingual business specific applications.

Gilbane Group Report Extract: Symantec Best-Practice Profile

2008/07/01 | Leonor Ciarlone, Karl Kadie, Mary Laplante - The Gilbane Group - July 2008., Symantec Corporation's strategic use of SYSTRAN's MT software within its localization/translation infrastructure is highlighted as a best-practice profile in the Gilbane Group Report "Multilingual Communications as a Business Imperative: Why Organizations Need to Optimize the Global Content Value Chain."


2008/06/01 | SYSTRAN - June 2008., EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. The Group includes the aircraft manufacturer Airbus, Eurocopter, the world's largest helicopter supplier, EADS Astrium, the European leader in space programmes from Ariane to Galileo and MBDA, the international leader in missile systems. EADS largely deployed SYSTRAN on its Intranet. MBDA ensures the continuous enrichment of the translation tool.

Lincolnshire County Council

2008/02/01 | SYSTRAN - February 2008, Lincolnshire, situated on the East Coast of England is the UK's fourth largest county. It stretches from the River Humber to the Wash, and like an increasing number of local authorities has a growing population of immigrant workers.

Avon & Somerset Police

2008/01/01 | SYSTRAN - January 2008., Avon & Somerset Constabulary is the Home Office police force in England responsible for policing the county of Somerset and the districts of South Gloucestershire, Bristol, North Somerset & Bath and North East Somerset. The force, providing service for 1.5 million people, is one of the largest in England.


2007/12/01 | SYSTRAN - December 2007., Symantec is a global leader in infrastructure software, enabling businesses and consumers to have confidence in a connected world. Symantec integrates SYSTRAN Translation Technology with an online global content management workflow system to speed up translation projects about Product Documentation and Technical Support.


2002/10/01 | Andrew Joscelyne - October 2002., The Cinématique Gaumont is a French film library offering the largest range of French language newsreel and other film holdings of its kind. To render this facility as universally accessible as possible, Gaumont contacted SYSTRAN to provide a translation solution that would enable researchers to access the database in English.

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

2002/09/26 | J. Fenn - Gartner Research - CS-17-9077 - September 26, 2002., One of the first major corporate deployments of machine translation shows that a wide range of application benefits can be obtained in a multinational environment, if realistic expectations are set regarding the quality of the output.

Daimler Chrysler

2002/06/01 | Mary Flanagan, Ph.D. - June 2002., With its large multinational workforce, the newly formed DaimlerChrysler faced substantial communication challenges in integrating its operations centers in Germany and the United States. Although the company has two official languages (German and English) the level of language skills varies considerably among DaimlerChrysler employees.


2001/06/01 | Mary Flanagan and Steve McClure - IDC Bulletin #25019 - June 2001., Autodesk's deployment of SYSTRAN's machine translation (MT) technology is an early example of enterprise machine translation for multilingual customer support. IDC believes the implementation of MT by a company of Autodesk's scale and global reach represents the beginning of new commercial opportunities for SYSTRAN and other MT vendors.

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